Post Date:
30 November 2021

The International Conference "Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties" (2021 IEEE 11th International Conference "Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties"),which Sumy State University holds annually in cooperation with the IEEE Nanotechnology Council with the support of the IEEE Magnetics Society, and International Union for Pure & Applied Physics.

Scientists of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technologies and the Medical Institute of SSU took an active part in the organization and holding of this conference, in particular, the Department of AThCh was represented by Associate Professor, Ph.D., Yanovska Anna Alexandrovna with the report "The Study of Silver Ions Release from AgNP", and posters "The Kinetic of Silver Ions Release from Nanoparticles and Influence of Ultrasound Treatment" and "Influence of Shell's Organic Components on the Structure and Characteristics of Nanopores in Organic-Mineral Fertilizers ", highlighting the main directions of scientific work of the department.


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