The department operates Chemistry Scientific Center "All Chemistry",

whose main purpose is: to deepen knowledge of theoretical material;

solving skills increased level of complexity;

work with non-standard test tasks;

additional laboratory experiments (including demonstration and virtual);

organization of training, public lectures, workshops and others.
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of Research and Training Center "All'Himiya"

1 General

1.1 Research and Training Center "All'Himiya" (the NSC "All'Himiya") is a unit of SSU in the department of general chemistry.

Full name of NSC "All'Himiya" in Ukrainian Scientific-Educational Center "All'Himiya."

Full name of NSC "All'Himiya» Russian: Scientific and Teaching Center "All'Hymyya."

Full name of NSC "All'Himiya» English: Scientific and Educational Senter «All'Chemistry».

NSC "All'Himiya" is not a legal entity.

NSC "All'Himiya" can have a seal, stamps, logo and letterheads with its own name.

1.2 The main purpose of the NSC "All'Himiya" are:

      perform scientific research chemical and chemical-technological direction of order and private entities, organizations and enterprises of different ownership;

      increasing the level of chemical training and methodical literacy among teachers of secondary schools, teachers colleges and higher educational institutions of the region;

      additional extracurricular deepening, systematization and generalization of knowledge in chemistry among young people studying.

1.3 The work of the NSC "All'Himiya" the current legislation of Ukraine, national and intra-university regulatory framework, this Regulation, orders and instructions of the officials concerned.

2 main tasks and functions of the NSC "All'Himiya"

2.1 The main task of the NSC "All'Himiya" is the implementation of teaching services in the disciplines of chemical and direction of research related to the study features composition and properties of substances by chemical processes.

2.2 Under the main objectives the functions of the NSC "All'Himiya" are:

Consulting: providing skilled assistance on chemical sciences students, college students and higher education institutions of more than provided for educational program amount to:

      deepening knowledge of theoretical material;

      solving skills increased level of complexity;

      work with non-standard testing tasks
     additional laboratory experiments (including demonstration and virtual) aimed at establishing a visual connection between the chemical laws and

     industrial, technological and environmental processes.

          teachers help schools and high schools, teachers colleges and higher education institutions in the preparation of the full set of NMC chemical disciplines, including: Work Programme of the discipline; expanded and reduced lectures; variants of tests; a set of practical problems; tasks for self-control and knowledge; electronic simulators for testing the algorithm in solving problems; virtual laboratory work;
          organization of training, public lectures, workshops and other activities for individuals improve their skills.

          performance of physical, chemical and analytical studies aimed at establishing the composition and properties of substances at the request of individuals, organizations and enterprises of different ownership;
          organization of scientific seminars on the subject that is being implemented at the Department of General Chemistry;
          publication and patenting of results and their manufacturing.

    3 Management and Staffing

    3.1 Management and coordination of the NSC "All'Himiya" implemented by the manager appointed by order of the rector of SSU and reports directly to the Head of the Department of General Chemistry.

    3.2 Operation of NSC "All'Himiya" provided by staff members of the Department of General Chemistry, and if necessary - other persons under the terms concurrently or by the conclusion of civil contracts and agreements.

    4. Logistical support

    4.1 NSC "All'Himiya" housed and operates on the material and technical base of SSU.

    4.2 NSC "All'Himiya" has the right to use the established order logistics equipment and other subdivisions of the university.

    5. Financial activity

    5.1 Funding of NSC "All'Himiya" at the expense of general and special funds, including:
          received from businesses and individuals for paid services;
          funds accounted for the other sub-divisions of SSU (subject to the respective orders);
          funds from grant projects implementation;
          sponsorship from organizations, enterprises and individuals;
          other sources not prohibited by law.

    5.2 Provision of services can be carried out on the basis of agreements with customers that are concluded and agreed in due course.

    5.3 The cost of paid services approved by the Rector according to the estimate that the proposals Head of NSC "All'Himiya" calculated planning and finance department, consistent with relevant officials and approved by the rector.

    In calculating the cost of paid services costing captured recommendations MES Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

    5.4 Payment NSC "All'Himiya" may take the form of cash to the account of SSU or cash in due course.

    5.5 Accounting of funds provided by the NSC "All'Himiya" paid services carried out in due course in the appropriate accounts of the special fund of the university. With:
          implementation of scientific research and research grants accounted established for these types of procedures;
          Accounting of funds from other activities of the NSC "All'Himiya" is carried out in the relevant sub-account and distributed as follows: after-tax amounts of which are calculated on total revenue, 20% of funds directed to refund all-university expenses for support of NSC "All'Himiya "; share of the remaining throws in 70% of the incentives to direct contractors, employees, including other subdivisions of the university who contribute to the work; 30% - other expenses to ensure appropriate action NSC "All'Himiya."

    6 Final Provisions

    6.1 NSC "All'Himiya" created by order of the rector.

    6.2 Regulation shall enter into force on the date of approval of the order of the rector.

    6.3 NSC "All'Himiya" reorganized, liquidated by order of the rector or Rector's order by a decision of the Academic Council. In the same manner introduced amendments to the Regulation approved or a new version of the Regulations.

    Approved by the Academic Council of SSU


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