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24 June 2022

I am #ErasmusGeneration!


2022 marks the 35th anniversary of the EU Erasmus + Program!

I am Vlada Mukvych. I am 19 (in photo)  and I am studying for an ERASMUS + exchange in Slovakia at the Oleksandr Dubcek University in Trenčín. My program is coming to an end tomorrow. It was an unsurpassed three months. During this time I gained a lot of new knowledge that will help me become a good specialist in my field👩‍🔬.

Undoubtedly, this achievement would have been impossible without qualified teachers of the Faculty of Industrial Technologies in Pukhov.

During the program, I met wonderful people who, I have no doubt, will remain in my heart forever. In addition, I learned a lot about Slovakia, its history and culture. I am grateful to my Slovak friends for their volunteer work and help to Ukrainians in this difficult time.

 📍 Special thanks to my department of Theoretical and Applied Chemistry-RTC "All'chemistry" and Sumy State University for ample opportunities for academic mobility for students, assistance and support throughout the program. 👍

I am grateful to Erasmus + for the opportunity to represent my university in European educational institutions, meet new people, get an unforgettable life experience. 📢My advice to everyone who wants to become a real Erasmus: Your perseverance is the way to success! Never stops at what has been achieved.

Everything will be Ukraine!

#StandUpWithUkraine #ErasmusPlus #ErasmusUA # ErasmusPlus35yearsUkraine

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